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Erasmus students' trip to Gdansk organized by UKSW ESN

of all I have to tell my opinion about the whole trip: FANTASTIC:). We had a very very great time together. My impression about your north part of country can not put it into words:).

But firstly I would like to appreciate the good idea that we had some funny plays on the train. I don't know who knows, but the travelling to Gdansk showed me that I am talented in futuretelling. I told the future from cards to one particular person;) and it came true. So watch out, cuz I am dangerous!  We had a very pretty and enthusiastic guide who tried her best to show us the city, and we walked around the historical streets and took a strall beyond the port. I really liked the historical buildings with many colours and many little shops. In Marbork we explored the huge castle and we felt like princesses from the middle-age :) I bought a treasure, earrings made of amber. It is a present for the Queen (my mother) :)



We spent the nights in a special club where we could have a rest after the tiring day :) We had to check out the nightlife of Sopot and Gdansk too. In Sopot we saw the Polish sea and we walked along the Molo and we felt like in the middle of the sea :) An old man came to us and said: You are beautiful and said. Maybe he misunderstood us because we were just impressed by the beautiful sea and the freshness of the air. This freshness gave us such a power that we did not get tired although we walked so much. But we were under the influence of these beautiful view and the air so we had the willingness to see more. Sand and ice-cream and the finest coffee with caramell :) The way home we continued the integration. It means that everyone had to tell something special about herself. We loughed a lot and got to know the other better this way:) To sum up I only can tell thank u and I never forget these amazing 3 days!

Linda Várhegyi, Erasmus student from Hungary

I liked very much our trip to Gdansk. I want to see all towns from Poland! I can say that I like more Gdansk than Warszawa because it is an old city, like in Middle Ages (there are more old buildings, old architecture, the town has the Middle Ages "smell"). That big church (Bazylika Mariacka) has inside the tombs of Middle Ages men, who were noblemen in that time, the most important people from Poland. You are a very good organizer and we saw there everything that it was nice. I loved the paintings exhibition. I am glad also that I saw Baltic See, but the most nice visit was at Malbork Castel ("the Middle Ages thing"). So I have for my collection a lot of post cards and a lot of pictures (more with buildings)!

Alexandra Popescu, Erasmus student from Romania



I really liked this trip, we were a nice group and I have a lot of fun with you. We saw a lot of interesting things, I especially liked castle in Malbork and of course the seaside too:) And Gdansk is a beautiful city, I wish we could stay there longer:)

Sabina Vrhovšek, Erasmus student from Slovenia