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Suspension of all academic operation due to the Coronavirus risk
prolonged until further notice - distance learning

Procedure to follow for students:

  1. Classes are to be carried out remotely, in particular using the Moodle platform. All incoming students are advised to contact their Departmental Coordinators in order to be advised about realization of their study programme.
  2. The libraries are closed - online access available.
  3. Students accommodated in student dormitories strictly adhere to the regulations of the administration of the relevant facility.
  4. With mentioned above period of time students are obliged to communicate with our office and with the administrative staff at their departments for any possible issue via digital communication.
  5. We highly recommend that you follow precautions and stay in homes (place of residence in Warsaw).
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Information for Incoming Staff:

--> Teachers

--> Administrative Staff



More important news:

32527 cases infected persons of SARS COVID-19 have been reported in Poland, number of deaths is 1375 (23/06/2020).

From Thursday, 16 April 2020 it is obligatory to cover mouth and nose in public places, using face mask e.t.c read here.

State of epidemic has been introduced in Poland on March 20, and new restrictions from March 25 read here.

It needs to be stressed that those cases are people who have been under quarantine due to prior contact with other infected. All persons in question are hospitalized.

The government of Poland has decided to introduce border and border-medical controls on all Schengen borders. Following the recommendations of the Polish National Epidemiology Center we strongly advise you to temporarily refrain from any traveling abroad.

Those who decide to go to Italy (we strongly advise against!), France, Germany, or Spain can be subject of medical control and preventive quarantine.

We would like to thank you for your collaboration in this challenging period and we would like to assure you about our continuous support.