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UKSW has joined the European Association for International Education EAIE

We are glad to announce that our University has joined the international association EAIE.

The European Association for International Education (EAIE) was founded in 1989. It currently has over 3,000 members active in the higher education sector in Europe. Its main goal is to provide a platform for mutual learning, networking development and exchanging knowledge and experience. Membership in EAIE enables participation in training leading to professional development in many areas, including marketing and international recruitment, intercultural communication, student service or development strategies for the university’s internationalisation process. These trainings are organised both stationary and online, e.g. in the form of webinars. Members of the Association have access to a comprehensive database of publications in the field of internationalisation available in traditional, online and podcast forms. EAIE also organises an annual conference enabling direct contact with participants, discussion on the further development of existing cooperation and establishment of new agreements both at the European and global levels. The conference is also a series of workshops and seminars, during which the participants have a chance to get acquainted with examples of good practices used by leading universities from around the world.

One of the objectives of our university’s internationalisation strategy is the development of international partnerships based on the new initiatives aimed at creating double degree educational offers with the partner universities. Membership in EAIE will enable UKSW to establish contacts and transfer knowledge based on the best practices applied in Europe” – says Rev. Professor Marek Stokłosa, PhD, Vice-Rector for Research and International Cooperation.

26 July 2023