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Direction… Estonia!

We are pleased to announce that two new interinstitutional agreements have been signed for the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Sciences. Biology students and academic teachers in the field of biology will be able to apply for mobility under the Erasmus+ Program to the University of Tallinn and the University of Tartu. The Faculty of Biology and Environmental Sciences of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University will also be able to host biology lecturers and students from both Estonian universities.

The University of Tartu is the largest university in Estonia. This university ranks very high in international rankings and is among the top 1.2% of the best universities in the world.

Under the agreement it will be possible to exchange students and employees with the Department of Zoology and the Department of botany, which are part of the Institute of Ecology and Earth Sciences.

We encourage you to take a virtual walk around the university: Virtual Tour even today!

The Univresity of Tallinn is one of the three largest universities in Estonia. As part of the newly concluded agreement, we will cooperate with the School of Natural Sciences and Health of Tallinn University.

Both universities are very open to international contacts, several percent of their students are foreigners (16% at the University of Tallinn and 13% at the University of Tartu). Both universities also offer many programs in English.

Estonia is famous for its high level of digitalization and has the largest number of start-ups per capita. Many matters can be dealt with onlineMoreover, Estonia is an interesting country when it is about the nature, where over half of its territory is forested and almost a quarter is protected areas. It has a coastline of almost 3,800 km and over 2,000 islands, with the West Estonian Archipelago being particularly valuable in terms of nature.

We encourage you to apply for mobilities to Estonia!

31 October 2023