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Erasmus Student Network UKSW (a part of Erasmus Student Network Poland and Erasmus Student Network International), is a student organization, whose goals are:

  • making international exchanges students more popular, especially the Erasmus program,
  • integration UKSW students,
  • to promote culture, historical heritage, socio – economic realities and geographical advantages of Poland, among the foreign students, who study at our university,
  • and reintegrate students who returned from the Erasmus exchange.

ESN UKSW was set up in 2008 and comprises of 34 active members  and more than a dozen recruits and alumns. We actively  participate in the university’s life, a proof of which is an European photo competition which became recognizably popular – Discover Europe – is co-organized by our section. Our another main project is SocialErasmus, whose goal is to integrate Erasmus students with the local community, e.g. by visiting orphanages or organising lessons in schools. Due to active and rapidly acting program Mentor, the number of students coming to us increases every single year.

ESN supports all activities, which aim at increasing mobility among Polish students. Each section leads information meetings for students of its university about opportunities offered by the Erasmus program and other students mobility programs Erasmus+ program and other programs for student mobility. ESN also takes an active part in education fairs and exhibitions of student organizations.