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Fellowships and Grants for Polish Citizens Program for Advanced Study/Research or Teaching in the United States

The Kościuszko Foundation awards a number of Fellowships and Grants to Poles annually for advanced study, research or teaching at universities and institutions of higher learning in the United States. Please use this guide as a handy reference to determine whether our Program is for you.

What an award recipent receives

The Foundation provides a cost-of-living stipend which includes: transatlantic travel, housing allowance, health and accident insurance coverage, and, when warranted, domestic travel. Please be aware that there is no allowance for support of dependents (spouse or child). Award recipients are solely responsible for all expenses of accompanying dependents. Awards range from $7,650 to $30,500 depending on the duration and award category. These are no restrictions as to field of study/research.

Who is eligible

A complete list of eligibility and application requirements may be obtained on our website, (open Scholarship tab > Exchange Programs to the United States). However, all interested persons should be aware of these material requirements:

  • Only Polish citizens residing permanently in Poland are eligible for awards. This program is NOT for Poles residing outside of Poland, or those residing temporarily outside of Poland, whether or not they are engaged in research or study.
  • Applicants must hold M.A. or M.S. degree prior to the commencement date of the award. Preference is given to doctoral or postdoctoral candidates and scholars. Current academic affiliation is required in all cases and must be documented with a certificate from place of academic employment.
  • The applicant must prepare a thorough and well-defined typewritten proposal for conducting studies/research in the United States with specific study/research plans.
  • All applicants must have a valid invitation from the United States educational institutions where the applicant plans to conduct research or studies. Applicants are obliged to secure their own placement or affiliations. The Foundation does not assist in establishing these contacts.
  • Since the Kosciuszko Foundation grants do not provide for tuition costs, those applicants who are accepted by universities for Ph.D. programs should apply for a Kosciuszko Foundation grant only in cases where their tuition has been waived totally or substantially.
  • Applicants must have strong English language proficiency to communicate and to carry out proposed projects. The level of English proficiency will be determined during personal interviews in Warsaw.

For more information, visit our website,